Lisette Tellez

Senior Associate

Prior to Ocean Azul, Lisette spent two years as a partner for Dorm Room Fund, a student-run venture fund backed by First Round that invests in student-founded startups. As a partner for the Boston team, she was responsible for sourcing startups, analyzing and deciding on potential investments, and providing support to portfolio companies. Dorm Room Fund has made over 160 investments, and the valuation of its portfolio is currently $1B+. During her time at Dorm Room Fund, the team made over 20 investments in startups from a variety of universities in the Boston area and beyond. This enabled her to become integrated into the broader startup community in addition to that of MIT.

While at MIT, Lisette’s love of problem-solving and learning about technology led her to study Computer Science & Engineering. She spent most of her time outside the classroom playing Varsity Volleyball and finding ways to get involved in the entrepreneurship ecosystem. In her sophomore year she became president of the undergraduate entrepreneurship club, doubling both the size of its management team and also its presence on campus. She provided technical advice for student entrepreneurs, helping them scope their MVPs and understand the feasibility of their ideas.

Lisette is passionate about helping people pursue creative solutions to problems in both the world and also their individual lives. That interest combined with her love of fitness and nutrition led her to become a certified Health Coach. Lisette is particularly excited about the potential of digital health, wearable devices, and machine learning to enable people to become aware of potential health issues, take preventative measures, and develop healthy habits.

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